Endocrinology is the study of internal glands and hormones. Dr Morbey is the endocrinologist at Hunter Diabetes Centre, with her predominant area of interest being diabetes. Dr Morbey can provide consultations, diagnostic evaluations, follow-ups, hormone testings, provocative tests for hormone reserve, thyroid biopsies, nutritional evaluations and counselling.

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By choosing healthy foods and being active, you can help manage your blood glucose levels and your body weight. For example, the management of blood glucose levels for a person with type 1 diabetes requires matching the amount of insulin to the carbohydrate in the foods eaten. However, there are different types of insulin and various regimes. The dietitians at Hunter Diabetes Centre, Melba and Mel, are on hand to help you make the right food choices whilst still being able to enjoy the food you eat.

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Diabetes Education

Diabetes Educators are health care professionals who are specialised and certified to teach and educate people with diabetes in how to best manage their condition. Hunter Diabetes Centre’s Credentialled Educator is Annette. Annette can give you the tools and necessary skills to help control your blood sugar and avoid long-term complications due to hyperglycemia. She is also able to offer both educational advice and emotional support to help you understand and manage your diabetes more effectively.

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Clinical Trials

Hunter Diabetes Centre also has a proactive research team, dedicated to improving medical treatments through clinical trials. Headed by Research Co-Ordinator Louretta, the team runs both diabetes and non-diabetes related studies. The people who volunteer to participate in clinical trials, or studies, play an indispensable role in furthering this field of medicine.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book an appointment with Hunter Diabetes Centre?

As we are a specialist centre, you will need a referral from your GP to book an appointment with one of our team. Once you have received your referral, please give us a call on 4963 2323 and our receptionist will book you in.

Does it cost to participate in a clinical trial?

No, participating in a clinical trial is completely voluntary and free of charge. You will also receive reimbursements for the cost of travelling to each of your appointments.

I’m interested in one of your events, how do I register?

Please call 4963 2323 and ask for Gabby, our event organiser, or email If Gabby is unavailable, please leave your name and contact details with reception. You can also request to be notified in the future about our upcoming events.

How can I keep up to date with what is happening at Hunter Diabetes Centre?

You can follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our free monthly newsletter below for regular updates.